Hear The Music

Hear The Music

“Four Assassins” (aka “Far Away Eyes”) music CD

The music of FOUR ASSASSINS (a.k.a. “Far Away Eyes”) can now be yours.


“5/5 You cannot go wrong on this score…”

Howlin’ Wolf Records


Andre Matthias’ brilliant film score is now available in both digital and CD formats.

Also included is the theme song “Like Ashes”, written and performed by Dallas Coyle and Andrew Harrison (published by┬áMad Carousel) .

“I loved the repetitive haunting main theme that opens and closes the album, as well as the stripped down version that is at the core of ‘Is That All I Meant to You?’ It’s almost hypnotic in its execution. […] This is well worth checking out.”
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For the digital download, head to:




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For those purists with a physical fixation, a special limited edition CD can be purchased at:

Kronos Records