Maria Lo Orzel

A well-regarded film executive, MARIA LO ORZEL (Producer) started her career at Home Box Office in the United States. She was Regional Vice President of United International Pictures (a Paramount, Universal and MGM/UA company) in Southeast Asia for eight years.

During her tenure at UIP, she was responsible for the theatrical release of a large number of Hollywood blockbusters including the “James Bond” series, the “Indiana Jones” sagas and “Mission Impossible”, just to name a few. She was the first woman to head an international operation of a major US studio as well as the first woman to chair a local chapter of the MPEAA (Motion Picture Export Association of America).

Most recently, her formidable talents have focused on producing and creative consulting on feature films. She has worked closely with legendary producer Bill Kong and celebrated director Zhang Yimou on the Academy award nominee “HERO”, martial arts drama “House of Flying Daggers” and period epic “Curse of the Golden Flower”. Other credits include “Zhou Yu’s Train”, starring Gong Li, the Korean romantic comedy “Windstruck” and Jet Li’s final wushu epic “Fearless”.