Maria Lo Orzel

A well-regarded film executive, MARIA LO ORZEL (Producer) started her career at Home Box Office in the United States. She was Regional Vice President of United International Pictures (a Paramount, Universal and MGM/UA company) in Southeast Asia for eight years…




Stanley J Orzel

Hong Kong-based filmmaker STANLEY J ORZEL (Writer-Director) has created numerous award-winning TV commercials and documentaries in Asia, Europe and the United States. A graduate of the prestigious film program at Syracuse University in New York, Stanley has resided in Asia for more than a decade…




Lam Wah-Chuen

A talented force in Asian cinema, LAM WAH-CHUEN (Director of Photography) brings a striking visual eye to all his work.

His feature credits include Wilson Yip’s romantic drama “Juliet in Love” (2000), the Donnie Yen/Sammo Hung martial arts actioner “Kill Zone” (aka SPL – 2005), the action comedy “Kung Fu Wing Chung” (2010) and countless other cinematic treats…




Andre Matthias

German composer ANDRE MATTHIAS brings a fresh, artistic approach to each of his music scores. From the lush, somber cello-dominated score for Kenneth Bi’s “The Drummer” (2007) to the long, sustained pitches of the traditional Kyrgyz music that inspires Kubat’s “The Light Thief”…